History | Residence Medfield


LCB Senior Living, LLC is very concerned with maintaining the quality and character of its neighborhood, including respecting nearby historic structures.  Over the years, we have won acclaim for the adaptive reuse of historic buildings, including Marland Place in Andover (historic mill), Traditions of Wayland (the Paine Estate), and Hamilton Heights in West Hartford, CT (the Vanderbilt Estate).

In purchasing the Clark Tavern property, we are committed to the preservation of that building aesthetically, while restoring the property to a two-family residential use, and eliminating a commercial proposal that has been fought by the surrounding neighborhood for more than two years.

We have maintained a wooded buffer between our Assisted Living community and the Peak House of more than 200 feet, and consulted with the Historical Society on the creation of a custom planted buffer.

In addition, this proposal will eliminate a 43-car parking lot and lights that were to be immediately adjacent to the Peak House, while creating the opportunity for extensive new plantings to protect the streetscape and the Peak House.

81% of the land controlled by LCB will remain permanently untouched open space (12 acres out of 14.7).