Proposal Overview | Residence Medfield

The Residence at Medfield

The Residence at Medfield is proposed to be a 78-unit, 74,000 s/f assisted living community for area seniors. This beautiful new building will include studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, a variety of common areas (living rooms, dining rooms, libraries, outdoor spaces, etc.), and a range of available resident services to make life easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Over the past year, we have been working hard to assemble an assisted living proposal on Main Street that would both create high-quality, needed housing infrastructure for seniors where there currently is none, and do so in a manner that is respectful to our residential and civic neighbors, the environment, and the town as a whole.

It is no secret that some have been opposed to our plans, with historic preservation, traffic and the environment being among the concerns.  There are also many who have supported us.

Anyone who has worked with LCB knows that we are collaborative, responsive and try to be creative. We also contribute to the communities that we are part of.

To that end, we are pleased to announce new aspects to our site design that both mitigate some of the larger concerns that we’ve heard, and contribute to the preservation of the Clark Tavern and Peak House:

We have an agreement to purchase the Clark Tavern property prior to its going to the open commercial market.  We are determined, as part of what we hope is a long-term partnership with the town, that the exterior of this building be preserved aesthetically, and that its use remain as a two-family residence.

We will not seek to develop the Tavern as part of our assisted living project, though we will seek the use of the land’s drainage capacity to make the entire area more efficient.  The site will remain independent, separate and permanently restricted for its preservation.

We are committing to preserving the Tavern as its current two-family residential use, which will reduce the average daily car trips from 458 (approved Tavern project by itself) to 235 (LCB community plus Tavern residential use)–a 48% reduction from what is currently approved.

In addition, the new proposal will preserve 81% of LCB’s land (12 acres out of 14.7 acres) in its natural, undisturbed state permanently.

All residents will enjoy three meals per day in a restaurant-style dining environment, a full range of programming that includes continuing education opportunities, cultural presentations and excursions, wellness and fitness, entertainment, and a variety of others. Laundry, cleaning and transportation services will also be provided.

In addition, residents will be able to avail themselves of a range of Activities of Daily Living services, such as medication reminders, help with dressing or bathing, escorts to and from meals, and a many others.

We anticipate that most of our residents will either come from a 3-5 mile radius around their building, or will have adult children who living in town.  While rental rates for The Residence at Medfield have not yet been set, the typical resident in our area communities (Ashland, Easton, Ipswich) owns a home worth approximately $400,000 that can be sold, and has an annual household income of approximately $35,000.  The median home value in Medfield is currently $605,000.  There is obviously a range surrounding those figures.


81% of the land controlled by LCB will remain permanently untouched open space (12 acres out of 14.7).