Major Changes to Address Concerns | Residence Medfield

Major Changes to Address Concerns

Through many meetings with Town officials, neighbors, and other concerned parties, LCB has made some sweeping changes to its proposal to mitigate key concerns:

Project density is too high for this site–LCB is shoe-horning this building onto a small site.

Fact:  LCB controls 14.7 acres of property between the original land and the Clark Tavern parcel.  Our proposal is that a total of approximately 2.7 acres of the 14.7 acres is developed or disturbed in any way between the two parcels.  81% of the site will remain permanently untouched.

  • Assisted Living Community  = ~2 acres disturbed (the rest left in existing wooded or open condition)
  • Tavern preserved as current two-family residential = ~.7 acre disturbed


Concern:  This building will “loom” over the Peak House.

Fact:  The Peak House is 22 feet tall and the LCB building will be 41-feet tall (about 5 feet taller than the average 2-story home in the area).  Our building will sit more than 200 feet behind the Peak House, at essentially the same elevation, with a thick buffer of trees and plantings in between.  This setback will greatly reduce the perceived height of our building, and in fact, will make it appear smaller than the Peak House to a person viewing from Main Street.


Concern:  With the Tavern Project Already Approved, LCB Will Add a Large Traffic Burden to Main Street.

Fact:  LCB’s project will now DECREASE the amount of average weekday traffic from what was approved for the Tavern alone by 48%.

  • Approved Tavern proposal:  Average weekday traffic = 458 trips
  • LCB proposal (including two-family dwelling on Tavern site):  Average weekday traffic = 235 trips
    • New Proposal (including two-family dwelling) = 67% reduction in peak morning traffic from Clark Tavern project alone, and a 48% reduction in the p.m. hours.

Concern:  The LCB project will impact view corridors on Main Street, the Tavern and the Peak House

Fact:  With the agreement to purchase of the Tavern property, LCB is committed to the following:

  • Preservation of the Tavern in it’s existing residential use, which will preserve large-scale vegetation on-site.
  • An increase in mature tree screening of more than $50,000 to screen Main Street, Tavern and Peak House views.
  • Custom landscaping plan for the Peak House and immediately abutting neighbors (should they choose) to upgrade existing landscape and create new screening.

:  This is the wrong location for senior housing–have the old hospital site or Ice House Road been explored?

Fact: The Main Street location purchased by LCB Senior Living is specifically-zoned for Assisted Living by special permit.  When LCB was exploring the purchase, we met with the town to make sure it was feasible for this use.  Provided we met all dimensional criteria as set forth in the zoning law and used proper methods to protect the environment, this project was within town zoning laws (we do meet all dimensional criteria and are not seeking any waivers or relief for size or set-backs).

  • In its 20 years in the senior housing area, LCB has learned that (like most of us) our residents thrive in locations that are “in the flow” of residential life–near to other people, families, shopping, houses of worship, etc.
  • Even if LCB were to determine that another site would work (none have been identified), this land has already been purchased at a commercial rate.

 The LCB project could have a negative environmental impact on Vine Brook, the adjacent vernal pool and public water supply.

Fact:  The LCB proposal has been reviewed by both our scientists and a peer reviewer engaged by the Town of Medfield.  Massachusetts has some of the toughest watershed protection laws in the country, and this project will receive the utmost scrutiny.  LCB is committed to meeting or exceeding all environmental criteria.


Concern:  The LCB proposal is out of scale with the surrounding neighborhood.

Fact:  The proposed location is bordered both by single-family homes, and the 103-unit Wilkins Glen multi-family housing community, which is 25% larger than the LCB proposal (98,010 s/f).

The Assisted Living project combined with the Tavern remaining 2-family residential represents a 48% reduction in average weekday traffic from the approved Tavern project alone.