Project Benefits | Residence Medfield

Project Benefits

LCB’s proposal will generate significant benefits for the immediate neighborhood and Medfield at large, including:

  • The Town’s first and only assisted living option for seniors (who currently must leave town for such services).
  • The creation of ~75 full and part-time jobs at all skill levels.
    • $~1.8 m in annual payroll.
  • A tax-positive use that will put very little burden on Town services.
  • The purchase of ~$1.3 m annually in goods and services.
  • $10,000 commitment to the Medfield Food Cupboard to provide needed foodstuffs.
  • The creation of internship and job opportunities for Medfield students and others.
  • The preservation of the Clark Tavern as it’s current, low-impact residential use.
    • Preservation of the streetscape.
    • Elimination of 43-space parking lot and lighting directly next to the Peak House.
    • Assisted Living and Residential Use of Tavern will generate 48% less traffic than the originally approved Tavern project alone.

Elimination of the approved 43-car parking lot and lights directly next door to the Peak House (as approved in the previous Tavern proposal) will allow large numbers of mature trees to remain, along with extensive new plantings.