Project Benefits | Residence Medfield

Project Benefits

LCB’s proposal will generate significant benefits for the immediate neighborhood and Medfield at large, including:

  • The Town’s first and only assisted living option for seniors (who currently must leave town for such services).
  • The creation of ~75 full and part-time jobs at all skill levels.
    • $~1.8 m in annual payroll.
  • A tax-positive use that will put very little burden on Town services.
  • The purchase of ~$1.3 m annually in goods and services.
  • $10,000 commitment to the Medfield Food Cupboard to provide needed foodstuffs.
  • The creation of internship and job opportunities for Medfield students and others.
  • The preservation of the Clark Tavern as it’s current, low-impact residential use.
    • Preservation of the streetscape.
    • Elimination of 43-space parking lot and lighting directly next to the Peak House.
    • Assisted Living and Residential Use of Tavern will generate 48% less traffic than the originally approved Tavern project alone.

The Assisted Living project combined with the Tavern remaining 2-family residential represents a 48% reduction in average weekday traffic from the approved Tavern project alone.